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The Return Of Micro Machines from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.

I know it’s my 3rd in a row of little things shot on a quadcopter. It’s a new toy? OK?!! :) I have lots of static tripod pieces to go up soon! After all I have been playing with them since early Feb and only posted my first piece a week ago! Plus it’s my first Phantom thingy have filmed in my home country of England!!

Read my 1st of 3 blog posts about the highs and lows (forgive the pun) of aerial filming from a beginner’s point of view here: I also cover post, fish eye correction and much more!!

This is just a little bit of fun I shot on the DJI Phantom Vision 2+ in 20 minutes (!) in Suffolk. Rage buggy driven by Keith Maude who also owns the track. Thanks Keith! I love the top down/ bird’s eye view of the world!

I was a bit slow at times reacting but it’s quite tricky to do a natural move/ spin f you need to suddenly need to play catch up. You just need to do it a few times to be ready..only had 3 tries!

Music Evolv “Joining Hands”

Grade with FilmConvert 10% of with code bloom at



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Adapted from the book THE WES ANDERSON COLLECTION by Matt Zoller Seitz

Edited by Steven Santos

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From the Same from Riley Blakeway on Vimeo.

'From the Same'

"Australian director Riley Blakeway presents ‘From the Same,’ a short film exploring creativity with professional surfer and photographer Warren Smith. Narrated by Smith, he offers his insights on the shared passion that unites all streams of creativity. Shot over the course of one week around Smith’s warehouse in LA, the short was slowly assembled over three months and features an original music score by Chris Hess."

Director/Cinematographer/Editor: Riley Blakeway (
Original music by: Chris Hess (
Sound Design/Foley/Mix: Nick Benik (

Special thanks: Jeremy Asher Lynch, Jamie Parkhurst, Grady Archbold

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Kidnappers of Moment - Zak Noyle from Desillusion Magazine on Vimeo.

- Pour le sous-titrage francais, selectionnez CC dans la barre de Lecture -

Based in Oahu, Hawaii, surf photographer Zak Noyle spends countless hours in the water creating dramatic imagery and artful interpretations of the magnificent ocean environment.
Directed by Pierre David, this short film bring us in Oahu, Hawaii, to learn more about the man & his ambition to share his photographic vision to the largest audience, instantly, throught the skills of his iPhone.

This short film is based on the article “The New Exhibitionist” published in Desillusion Magazine 45 , Tome 1 available on

Zak Noyle is a RVCA Advocate

Cover Photo by Zak Noyle

Desillusion is a 260 page coffee table book, ad free, accompanied by a series of short-films exclusively showcasing every week on At the crossroads of two opposite worlds, the street & the beach, Desillusion pays a tribute to youth & a subculture raised on a surf and/or skateboard.

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WOODOO from Andre Maat on Vimeo.

A short stop-motion study on wood.
I wanted to play with the shape and consistency of wood and bring it to life. Hope you enjoy!

Thanks to Mike Zonneveld (hands), Lux&Co (lighting), Fablab Amsterdam (lasercutting), (sound fx), Chop Wood (music)

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Blackmagic 4k | In the Mist from on Vimeo.

"The city of London, shrouded in a Dickensian blanket of smog, as light winds, Sahara dust, and dirty air from the continent conspire to produce air pollution levels right at the top of the chart." - Sky News

Shot on the Blackmagic Production Camera in 4k. Download in 4k. Shot at 400 ASA with a Canon 28mm f2.8 lens at f5.6, at 7:30am on 31 March 2014. Graded with an Ilford Delta 400 film LUT from FilmConvert. (More on that below.)

After a slew of rather ugly low-light, ISO, and noise comparisons between the Blackmagic Cinema Camera and the newer 4k Production camera, I was anxious to publish some footage from the Production camera that played to it’s strengths. I took the opportunity of a misty morning in London to get some decent 4k shots.

This was shot at the onset of Britain’s week of smog - although to be clear, the images do not show smog - or in fact, mist - but fog. Fog is basically clouds at ground level. Fog is defined by visibility that is less than one kilometer, where mist is lighter, with greater visibility. Not being able to see across the park means it’s fog - but mist is a nicer, more positively photographic word - and it also refers to a previous video with the Blackmagic Cinema Camera in the mist: although I guess that was fog too :-)

The smog that has been plaguing the UK is much less visible, but I wanted to give some context to the time and the place because it situates it more concretely in a wider experience and makes it more memorable and resonant. I took the idea of using a news sample from an earlier family doc, when we were on holiday on the Isle of Wight during the riots of 2011: And over the past few weeks we have been reconsidering everything in the context of insane London house prices, business-as-usual politics, business-as-usual education for our little ones, and the latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report which suggests that business-as-usual is suicide. Nothing like a toddler to sharpen up the empathy and long range thinking.

Music by johnny_ripper

I was also influenced by FKY’s, The Sea Also Rises - - which is one of the most beautiful and moving videos I’ve seen in some time.

Also, please note the new addition to our neighbourhood: a shiny new CCTV Xmas tree outside the park gates, ostensibly to protect us from the totalitarian levels of surveillance we enjoy from the NSA/GCHQ, who record every aspect of our formerly private lives, finally penetrating inside our homes via digital communications. For me at least, our whole lives are packed into this little film ;-)

The black and white grade is very strange for me as I’d normally be the person arguing on aesthetic grounds for colour. I’ve literally never created a black and white image before. However, the fog had already taken most of the colour out of the images, and with the increased resolution, it felt like it needed a more reductive approach. The Production Camera is also a more contrasty camera than I’m used to, although the Ilford D400 was the least contrasty of black and white LUTs, as I recall. There is zero grain because it would detract from the fog and get slammed in compression. I normally shoot with a 2.4:1 crop, which is etched in marker on my cameras, as it’s more compositionally elegant and mathematically pure :-)

View in 1080p. Registered Vimeo users can download the original file in 4k, as Vimeo doesn’t display 4k yet. I think I got away with a pretty low data rate for the H.264 file at a mere 40Mbps.

More on the smog here:

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THE EDITOR from Inside The Edit on Vimeo.

Nobody knows what we do… so, a homage to every editor out there in those dark rooms creating art with moving images.

Direction, Design, Animation – Dave Penn
Sound Design – James Locke-Hart
Script – Paddy Bird

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Jordi Adria Reel from jordi adria on Vimeo.

Show reel of different projects.

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Pillar Point - Dreamin’ [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO] from Polyvinyl Record Co. on Vimeo.

Directed by Wild Combination


From Pillar Point’s self-titled album, available here:

Purchase CD/LP/Tape/MP3 -
iTunes -
Amazon MP3 -
Spotify -
Rdio -

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This Is a Generic Brand Video from Dissolve on Vimeo.

This Is a Generic Brand Video is a generic brand video of “This Is a Generic Brand Video,” written by Kendra Eash for McSweeney’s Internet Tendency. No surprise, it’s made entirely with stock footage. All video clips used are from See and license them here:

The original piece is published on McSweeney’s:

Narrated by Dallas McClain.

Music: “Piano Work 02” by rysktchkw
Available under Creative Commons License from SoundCloud at

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Water from Morgan Maassen on Vimeo.

a brief odyssey into the world that i cherish most.

“Shopping Malls” by SJD

filmed on a Red Epic, Nikon 14mm F/2.8 lens, in an SPL waterhousing

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"Pritty Sweet" intro. full take. from robert mcintosh on Vimeo.

Directed by: Spike Jonze and Ty Evans
Shot on: Panasonic G5 with 7mm f4

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Kiruna - Sweden from Pedro Fiol on Vimeo.

A little video I made during our trip to Kiruna area, in Sweeden. Most of the shots were shot in Camp Alta but two of the Norther lights timelapses that were shot in Abisko.

Camera: Canon 550D/T2i
Lenses used:
Tokina 11-16mm f2.8
Tamron 17-50mm f2.8
Canon 50mm f1.4

Music “To See” by Keith Kenniff (

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Click To Enlarge: Popcorn from NPR on Vimeo.

Skunk Bear boots up its time machine, microscope and slow motion camera to explore the science and history of popcorn.


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ESCAPE FROM BIGFOOT COUNTRY from Woody and the Blue Ox on Vimeo.

Cascadia’s Bigfoot Country had treated our traveler Trevor Gordon to nothing but fun waves and pleasurable camping experiences. That, however, was before a close encounter with none other than the mythical Bigfoot himself.

Thus, Trevor thought it wise to head back home to Carpinteria, California. But before he left, he availed himself of some deserted waves.

Film:, & Michael Kew
Music: Sweet Tooth Nelson & Nathan Bardeen
Made Possible by